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[Book review] How Asia Works. Success and Failure in the world’s most dynamic region, by Joe Studwell

Published July 17, 2014

I’ve just finished “How Asia Works – Success and allure in the world’s most dynamic region” (Amazon) by Joe Studwell, a book I found in the yearly recommendation from The Economist. Overall, it is

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Book review: “The everything store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon”

Published March 8, 2014

I’ve just finished “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” and wanted to share a few thoughts about this amazing book. A bit like Steve Jobs’s biography, you feel like walking

A demo day in Nairobi, Kenya: local innovation rules

Published December 18, 2013

During the Afrikoin conference in Nairobi, we were lucky to attend the Demo Day of the Savannah Fund, a Kenya-based VC betting on startups all over Africa. Because sometimes (even for me!), a picture is

Singapore and “Little India Riot”: When demographics knock on the door again

Published December 9, 2013

Yesterday night saw Singapore having its first riots for more than 40 years, so you can imagine it’s the hot topic everybody is talking about this December 2013. Incidentally, I’m living in Little India

Real-time stock price for African farmers: a case study of connected agriculture with M-Farm in Kenya

Published November 30, 2013

There’s three reasons for us to showcase the story of M-Farm, a startup which connects and empower agriculture with financial information. First, because we’re not focusing only on web technologies during our world tour of

An education to entrepreneurship in Africa: from hack schools to long-term capability building in innovation

Published November 30, 2013

The story of Njeri Chelimo is a compelling one, and a case study for the proverb “where there is a will, there is a path”. This 20 y.o Kenyan girl had planned to attend a

A archeology of innovation and startups in Kenya with Mbwana Alliy from the Savannah Fund

Published November 29, 2013

As you may know, we were in Kenya both to attend Afrikoin, a conference on mobile money, and to continue our exploration of innovation ecosystems. How do countries, cities, are turning to entrepreneurship? What

A year as an entrepreneur

Published November 26, 2013

A year ago this day, I began my path as an entrepreneur in Asia. The start was harsh, as I decided to join a local startup first, but the seed of setting our own

A brief history of Kenya mobile money system M-Pesa

Published November 22, 2013

During Afrikoin, the first mobile money and digital currency held in Nairobi, I’ve met with Brian Muthiora. Brian joined the local branch of GSMA, the telecom operators professional association, after 5 years at Safaricom

Intercultural awareness and innovation: can startups really go global?

Published November 21, 2013

To continue our exploration of Kenya as an innovation ecosystem in fringe of Afrikoin, I’ve met with Samuel Gichuru from the Nailab incubator. A fast-paced and jittery conversation proved useful to pinpoint a key