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A demo day in Nairobi, Kenya: local innovation rules

December 18, 2013

During the Afrikoin conference in Nairobi, we were lucky to attend the Demo Day of the Savannah Fund, a Kenya-based VC betting on startups all over Africa.

Because sometimes (even for me!), a picture is worth thousands words, I’ll just leave you browse this Slideshare. Startups are all working on local behaviors (gifting from the diaspora, gap of information in the forex market, distribution of aid vouchers, strong need for mobile e-commerce platforms).

Startups from Africa (2013) following the Savannah Fund Demo Day in Nairobi, Kenya from Agence Tesla

Seeing pitches in different country, I was also struck by the professionalism of the teams and their decks, full of stats, on the market size, but also more intimate data like their trials, roadmaps and business models.

Enjoy this piece of tech from Africa :)

Martin Pasquier

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